Why is Water Important?

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Drinking sufficient water every day is necessary for your health. But why? It can prevent dehydration and bring about unclear thinking, leading to changes in mood resulting in overheating your body, and contributing to kidney stones and constipation.

1. Water Helps in the Digestion Process

Saliva is the major component of water. Saliva contains small quantities of electrolytes, enzymes, and mucus, which are essential for digestion and keeping your mouth hale and hearty. It is thus important to drink water before, during, and after meals to aid nutrient absorption from the meal we eat. Our body adjusts to changes in the food’s nature and stomach contents, whether solid or liquid.

2. It Aids in Fighting Off Illness

Taking adequate water prevents various medicinal conditions. Examples of those medical conditions include kidney stones, urinary tract infections, constipation, and many more. It also helps absorb key vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from food. This increases our chances of staying healthy.

3. Water Aids in Losing Weight

Dieters drink more water as a weight-loss strategy. This helps in controlling calories. It is thus necessary to feed water-rich foods such as fruits, and vegetables, among others. We demand more water when dieting and exercising, helping to lose extra pounds.

4. It Helps in the Excretion of Waste Products

Our body loses water when sweating, urinating, and having bowel movements. You, therefore, need adequate water to restore lost fluids from such. This maximizes your body’s functioning.

In brief, water is crucial to our bodies. It is thus essential to stay hydrated throughout the day for the efficient functioning of our bodies. To enjoy more benefits of water, ensure you take water in every meal, keep a bottle of water near you and take it when the need arises and if possible, add lemon or lime to your water to help you consume more of it than you do.

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