7 Underrated Ways to Extend Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

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Do you have trouble extending the life of your Android device’s battery?

We all hate charging often. Thus, battery life is becoming a primary consideration when considering a new smartphone.

Why not try these seven tactics and strategies to increase the battery life on your Android phone instead of forking out the cash for a new battery (which would also degrade with time)?

1: Activate the Battery Saver

While this may seem a no-brainer, many people ignore their phone’s battery-saver mode until it’s too late.

The iPhone’s “Low Power Mode” activates automatically when the battery level drops below 20%, but you can manually activate it at any time from the Control Center or by going to settings and then the battery.

You may enable a feature similar to this on many Android phones. The battery life of your Android device will improve as a consequence.

2: Extend Your Android Phone’s Battery Life by Disabling the Automatic Brightness Feature

The Automatic Brightness function may seem helpful, but you should avoid using it.

In most cases, the brightness set by the system is far higher than necessary. The best option is to manually adjust the brightness to a dim enough level to be pleasant and then increase it if required. This is an excellent method for conserving battery life because displays are notorious power hogs.

3: Keep Background-Running Apps to a Minimum

Even when you close most of your applications, they remain open. The app-specific battery tools for Android come into play here. You may entirely prevent an app from using the battery in the background by flipping a switch.

Open Settings, tap Apps and tap on the desired app to see its settings, such as Facebook. Select Restricted under Battery on the app info page.

You may also use a third-party software called Greenify if your phone is older. As a result, resources are no longer used by programs in the background. We advise utilizing the native functionality on contemporary devices since it often performs better than add-ons.

4: Deactivate Location Services

Turning off the location feature on your phone is one of the best methods to save battery life. You should also remove the location permission from any programs that don’t always need it. Doing this prevents such applications from utilizing the service in the background and further saves battery life.

To do this, open the app’s settings menu and go to Location> App permissions. You can see a complete list of all the programs that can use your current Location below. Choose either “don’t allow” or “allow, only when using the app,” depending on whether the app really requires the service.

5: Only Use Original batteries

It is essential that you make use of just the original batteries that come from the manufacturer. It is a terrible option to try to save a few dollars on a battery by purchasing one that has the potential to harm your cherished smartphone and may also give sub-standard battery performance.

6: Turn off Auto-Updates for Apps

You should really think about turning off those regular default updates if you genuinely want to increase the battery life of your Android phone. This will assist in lowering the amount of background activity on your phone, hence lowering the power used by unimportant activities.

7: Lock your phone

When not in use, always lock your smartphone. A button is often seen on the right side. You’ll still be able to receive calls and messages, but you won’t be able to unintentionally switch on the phone by pressing a button or the screen while it’s in your pocket or bag. Additionally, this avoids those unsightly pocket dials.

Relying on your phone’s battery saver and using your phone less generally can help you get the most extended battery life possible. While you are at it, turning off notifications may help keep you from getting tempted to recheck your phone.

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